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Steve Jobs – what will happen with Apple now?

by Taylor White

Steve Jobs has just announced his resignation from Apple. This day could go down in history…August 24, 2011.

I’m very curious to see what will happen with the stock price tomorrow and more importantly how Apple will perform in the long-term. Will they still produce cutting-edge products? Will they still be ahead of all others in technology when it comes to consumer products that capture the attention of the masses? Will it still be possible to keep all their work so secret?

I’m betting that Apple will be fine, BUT they will suffer some. Maybe they won’t be so far ahead, maybe their products will be slightly less cool, maybe some staffers will join competitors, slowly eroding some of the intellectual capital that Apple has stored up over the years. For sure they will be less feared…

Steve Jobs is a pretty unique guy. From what I’ve read he is so driven, so detail-oriented and so “firm” that people may not have liked working for or with him, but they still produced their best work when he was providing the direction, the overall vision.

This can be said of many great business leaders, but for some reason Jobs seems different. The huge successes of Apple over the past decade and the widely popular consumer devices they have produced have made Jobs a household name.

Here’s what I think. He must be very sick and I’m betting he’ll pass away soon, UNFORTUNATELY! It’s better for Apple that this happen now so Tim Cook can officially take over and Jobs can stick around in some capacity as a figure-head only. Hopefully he can spend time with loved ones and be at peace…

Apple will survive and will continue to thrive. I think their stock will take a small hit, but they have so much cash, so many great employees, so many great products and so much great service that they will be around and will be a leader in technology for a long time – probably my entire lifetime. However, losing someone like Steve Jobs isn’t a good thing, so some of their coolness will fade, some of their advantages will diminish and they will be a different company for sure.

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