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by Emily O'Shaughnessy

I ran across this post of the 5 best toys of all time and loved it! It’s oh so true, and good timing during this holiday craziness. As we’re waiting in line at midnight for Kohl’s to open black Friday, circling the parking lot nine times looking for an open spot or braving the mall crowds in search of the perfect present it’s a good reminder to us all. Little kids know that the simple things in life are what are truly important. Maybe we should take a lesson from them.

Simplify the clutter.

Create time to create.

When you take time away from the clutter you have time to brainstorm, create, and imagine. Normally we’re on constant alert, shifting from the buzzing iphone, constant emails, Twitter and Facebook that it’s hard to find time to think. So many times we run our businesses in reactive mode, rather than proactively like we know we should. We’re on constant deadlines and so far behind it’s tough to think about taking to time to stop and slow down. But we must.

Just like kids need to time for free play, us so-called grownups need time to think and get creative. Grab a pen and a pad of paper, get off the phone and let the ideas start flowing. Even better, grab a friend or coworker and see what you can make with that old FedEx box.

New products, new processes, funny ideas for clever marketing campaigns – these are the kinds of things that come up when you allow yourself to be creative. Is there a better way of doing something at the office? A more effective way to reach customers? If you allow time to think who knows what you might come up with. The possibilities are endless.

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