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How to Engage Customers through Facebook

by Morgan Tate

This article was originally posted on adWhite’s blog.

The best way to build your audience and increase loyalty on your Facebook business page is customer interaction. It’s great to share relevant news about your business and your market, but keep your customers in mind when you do. Ask yourself if you were a customer who follows your business on Facebook, if you would be interested in what you’re about to post.

A great way to leverage Facebook for your brand is to invite customers to interact with you or give them a reason to share your posts with their friends – a great way to grow your audience.

Consider sharing a story and inviting a response. For example, if your business is a restaurant and you got word that someone proposed to their fiance at your restaurant recently, post “Two of our regular customers recently got engaged here. Please share with us a special memory from our restaurant.”

Or “This week we introduced a new menu item — our delicious Apple Fritters. What’s your favorite menu item?”

Rather than just announcing a special, ask people to share it with their friends. Consider adding a group incentive like, “If 100 people come in for this month’s special, next month we’ll offer 50% off an appetizer to anyone who says they’re a fan on Facebook.” Post status updates every few days.

Your business may not be a restaurant, but with just a little creativity you will think of lots of ways to engage your customers. Own an auto repair shop? Ask your fans to share stories about a time their car broke down.

Are you a dentist? “Do you have a general question about dental care for Dr. Smith? Post the question and we’ll post an answer.” You can even set up a Q&A page, or provide a digital suggestion box. Once a month, highlight a member of your team with a photo and a short bio. It will help your customers and potential customers feel like they know your practice better.

Think of creative ways to keep your fans engaged — your Likes will increase, and so will your business!

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