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by Taylor White on 5:53 pm

ideas4smallbiz is a site MOSTLY dedicated to sharing small business marketing ideas (as well as occasionally typing in all caps, as if we were yelling). However, we also discuss administrative and operational aspects of small business and dabble in some technology talk.

There are many small business websites out there and we just hope to be a small part of the overall knowledge and opinion sharing process as it relates to small businesses. We are a small business, most of our clients are small businesses and we believe that small businesses are the backbone of our society.

Many of the contributors to this site work at adWhite, which is a marketing firm located in the Houston, TX area. adWhite serves hundreds of clients a year across the United States in everything from graphic design solutions to all forms of online marketing – website design and development, SEO and SEM services, social media, etc…

We also have a team of freelance bloggers helping us out. These bloggers have all been involved in small business during a majority of their professional careers and they will discuss leadership, finance, marketing, management and much more with their periodic articles posted on the site.

When you work with small businesses like we do, all kinds of obstacles can pop up – budget, timing, a general malaise about any kind of change (even if it will grow your business by the boat load, overnight!), etc… We want to use this site to share those ideas and hopefully receive feedback on how awesome or awful they truly are.

Enjoy, and tell your friends about us – THANKS!